Sunday, January 27, 2008


What exactly is the Drew Fuller solution? We all know he has a solution, but no one seems to know what he solved! In an attempt to get the answer we've all been begging to know, we sat Drew down for a little Q and A.

Snowlebrity: So, Mr. Fuller...Everytime I check, I'm bombarded with these Gortex pop-ups telling me you have solved something. Now what exactly have you solved?!

Drew Fuller: Well Snowlebrity, it all started when my mom got me a Rubik's cube for Christmas last year. I played with the damn thing all day and, finally, I got it! After that, I just fell in love with solving puzzles!!! I started out with 100-200 piece jigsaw puzzles and just kept progressing to bigger and more challenging jig-saws! Eventually, I teamed up with Gore-tex and Galaxy Puzzles to solve the largest one ever made!!! Big ups to Gore-tex for keeping me dry while i was solving away. I can't think when I'm wet.

Drew's success may be "puzzling", but its gaining momentum and has no plans of stopping. His next feats include solving the mystery of time travel so that he can travel back a few centuries and take credit for deciphering the Rosetta Stone. Solve away Drew!

Darrell Mathes scores February cover of Playgirl!

With plummeting board sales this past month, Ride Snowboards decides to fall back on the good old "sex sells" marketing technique. In an attempt to break into the public spotlight and the mainstream market, Darrel Mathes has chosen to centerfold Playgirl's February issue. Ride thanks marketing manager, Tara Yant for sealing the deal with Playgirl.

Friday, January 18, 2008

JP Walker goes under the knife...again

OCEANSIDE, CA -According to "inside sources," professional snowboard JP Walker had his latest cosmetic surgery on Friday. This marks Walker's third surgery in the past 6 months and his 11th surgery in total. JP, himself would not comment on the surgery, but his surgeon, Regg V. Antle M.D., F.A.A.C.S, broke Walker's confidentiality agreement after a little "green bribery." Dr. Antle was quoted saying, "JP has been in the game for a long time! His septum was really "blown out" from nose pressing so many rails, so we tightened things up with a mellow rhinoplasty...Son!" The man behind the mask.

The new look. Close personal friends say,
"he was going for a more "david hasslehoff-ish"

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Contractual "Catch 22" Means Trouble for Pat Millberry and Skullcandy

BRECKENRIDGE, CO - Skullcandy pro rider Pat Milbery was rushed to the Breckenride E.R. this past Friday, January 4th following a near death choking experience. According to Mr. Milbery's personal photographer Ed Herbolt, "I wanted to, " say goodnight, sleep tight, dont let the bed bugs bite," so I headed over to his room around 11:32pm. When I opened the door I found him hanging off the bed with his rasta colored pro-model Skullcandy headphones wrapped around his neck! His face was purple...PURPLE!"

In association with the recent events, Jason Kimball (Skullcandy Team Manager) was quoted saying, "When we first started Skullcandy, we wanted to support riders who truly owned a passion for music. After hearing the outstanding power-pop "all of these songs came from my 13 year old sister's cd collection" soundtrack to Pat's television show, SoGnar TV, we knew that we had to get him on the program!" Mr. Kimball went on to discuss signing Pat in further detail. "We had a lot of riders willing to back the product, but Pat is the only one who would actually agree to wear the headphones 24 hours a day, 7 days a we put that into his contract. Unfortunately now he's trying to file for workers compensation.

6:00 am 12:32 pm

8:45 pm

We will keep you updated on the legal status of Pat's case as a settlement is reached.